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      Jiangsu Province Yixing Nonmetallic Chemical Machinery Factory Co.,Ltd

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      Address:Dingshu Town, Yixing, Jiangsu



      Product Descriptions:

      Based on the advantages of domestic and international jet mills, our company has developed the GTM series of large-scale high temperature resistant products after years of research and development, combining the technology and experience of the company's production of engineering ceramics in 60 years and more than 40 years of production of ceramic jet mills.  From users’ feedbacks, the comprehensive performance parameters and abrasive resistance are better than those of similar foreign products.


      Properties and Characteristics:

      1. High single machine capacity: The  production capacity can reach 4t/h, which is     

      1.5~2 times of other types of jet mills of the same specification;

      2. Good pulverization effects: the lining is resistant to corrosion and does not pollute the

      product. The rutile titanium dioxide has a uniform particle size distribution with dmax ≤ 0.6 μm, average particle size 0.25 μm, 500 mesh sieve residue ≤ 6 ppm, and dispersion 6.5 or more;

      3. Long service life: the life of the whole machine is more than 10 years, the abrasion life of the

      ceramic lining is more than 6 months, and the life of the nozzle is increased by 4 times;

      4. Low operating cost: superheated steam at 280 °C, operating pressure as low as 1.0 MPa and

      pulverized steam-solid ratio as low as 1.1. The comprehensive operating cost can be reduced by 30% to 50%;




      Technical Services:

      GTM series large-scale high temperature resistant wear-resistant ceramic jet mill has excellent quality, high output, high efficiency, low consumption and durability. It is a high hardness brittle material, elastic plastic material, agglomerated material, fibrous material, such as rutile titanium dioxide, zircon Stone, alumina, zirconia, talc, kaolin, graphite, paint, pesticides, fertilizers and pollen, food materials, etc.


      Model Description:



      The performance parameters

      Parameter Model GTMS-107GTM-107C
      Project Double Spray Ceramic Jet Mill Flat Ceramic Jet Mill 
      Working Type Over-heated SteamOver-heated Steam 
      Working fluid consumption (steam-to-solid ratio) 1.1~1.7:11.1~1.7:1
      Crushing Medium Pressure 1.0~1.6MPa1.6~1.8MPa
      Feed Conveying Pressure 1.0~1.6MPa1.7~2.0MPa
      Working Temperature About 270~300℃  About 270~300℃  
      Production Capability 3~4 t/h1.5~2.5t/h
      Original Particle Size ≤200μm or ≤5mmpolymer ≤200μm or ≤5mmpolymer 
      Final Product Size <1μm(average 0.25μm)<1μm(average 0.25μm)

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