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      Telephone number0510-87189500

      Jiangsu Province Yixing Nonmetallic Chemical Machinery Factory Co.,Ltd

      contact:Miss zhang 15961553272

      contact:Mr Jin 13861501908




      Address:Dingshu Town, Yixing, Jiangsu


      Products Description

      Our company independently researches and develops the large-scale sulfuric acid absorption tower load-bearing beam and changed the long-term dependence on importing products. It was listed as the National Innovation Fund Project and the National Torch Program. It is also a drafting unit for national industry standards.

      The product is made of ZrO2 phase transformation toughening and reinforcing Molai porcelain and unique molding and firing process. It is an ideal filler supporting device for large packed towers.



      High mechanical strength;

      Small deformation under high temperature load;

      Good thermal shock resistance;

      High opening ratio, evenly distributed the airflow, and the small resistance drop;

      Convenient construction


      The main technical parameters:

      Compressive strength: 450MPa

      Flexural strength: ≥150Mpa

      Acid resistance: ≥98%

      Specific gravity: 3.35

      Quenching and rapid heat: 250 ° C ~ 20 ° C water heat exchange secondary cracking

      Maximum size: 2000mm × 264mm × (65mm ~ 35mm)

      Technical Services:

      With continuous innovation , we will provide the ideal solution and packing support device for the drying tower and absorption tower of the chemical phosphate compound fertilizer and non-ferrous metal industry smelting flue gas sulphuric acid, pyrite sulphuric acid and sulfur sulphuric acid plant.


      Sulfuric acid absorption tower load bearing bar specifications: 

      Length條   梁   磚篦子磚

      Specifications Strips  Beams Bricks Grate brick 

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