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      Results of National 863 project "high temperature ceramic membrane filter tube" passed expert appraisal

      The National High-Tech Research and Development Program (863 Project), a high-temperature ceramic membrane filter tube developed by Jiangsu Yixing Non-Metal Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University, Hainan University and China University of Petroleum, was successfully developed in Non-Metal Chemical Machinery Factory Co., Ltd in Yixing, Jiangsu in 2010. With the strong support and assistance of well-known enterprises in the domestic chemical industry, it has been successfully applied to the company's Shell coal gasification production unit. The ceramic filter tube has been continuously and stably operated, and its technical performances such as filtration precision and filtration gas flow rate have reached the production process requirements of the company.


      On August 8, 2011, lead by Wu Yi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, an appraisal committee composed of nine well-known domestic experts was established. This committee exam the results of the national 863 project in Yixing Non-Metal Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd in Jiangsu Province. The members of the appraisal committee passed the on-site inspection of the ceramic filter pipe demonstration production line, reviewed relevant materials, listened to the project work and technical report, and agreed that:


      The 1500mm large-size SiC asymmetric ceramic filter tube was successfully developed by using domestic raw materials, and the scale production was achieved. The advanced level of similar foreign products was reached in terms of length, working temperature, porosity, export dust concentration and separation efficiency. It has filled the gap in Chinese products in this field and broke the monopoly position of foreign products. The research results have reached advanced level.



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