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      Yixing Daily: Chemical Machinery Company Becomes Cummins’ Supplier in China

      On February 14, 2015, Yixing Daily reported that our company became a supplier of Cummins China. The contents of the news are as follows:

      (Reporter Cui Tingyu) Recently, the global diesel engine manufacturer Cummins Inc. organized some special people to Jiangsu Yixing Non-Metal Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. They then officially confirmed that the company is a high-performance honeycomb ceramic carrier in China. The supplier and the first batch of procurement contracts signed with the company.

      Honeycomb ceramics, which are vehicles for exhaust emission purification, play an important role in environmental protection and the healthy development of the automotive industry. In the development and production of honeycomb ceramics for more than 30 years, Chemical Machinery Company has actively studied the domestic and international market demand, increased investment, and independent innovation. The technology and quality performance of the products are in an advanced position in China.

       Its production of "Yuxing" honeycomb ceramics once was awarded the title of National Key New Product and “Jiangsu Province Product” by the Jiangsu Provincial Strategic Promotion Association. These products were favored by domestic steam and diesel vehicle manufacturers and exported to overseas. Last year, the company's cellular ceramics taxable sales completed 130 million RMB, an increase of 55%, including exports to Europe and the United States 7 million dollars. By the four-year rigorous test, during the inspection this year, Cummins confirmed that the company as a multinational supplier of honeycomb ceramics in China.

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