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      HTB type ceramic filter machine successfully helped the low-grade phosphate mine be successfully tested

       On November 11, 2011, the sixth edition of China Chemical Industry News published the news that our company's HTB ceramic filter machine helped the Fuzhong low-grade phosphate mine  be successfully tested. The contents of the news are as follows:

            On November 7th, news came from Yanfu Phosphate Fertilizer Plant: the high-grade phosphate ore comprehensive utilization project-phosphorus concentrate dewatering device was successfully commissioned.

            The phosphorus concentrate dewatering device is a sub-project of the comprehensive utilization project of the low-grade phosphate ore in the middle and low-grade. The core equipment is the ceramic filter. It is a new engineering technology explored by staffs of Haofu. The purpose is to separate the water from the phosphate concentrate slurry conveyed by the mine to meet the transportation requirements of phosphorus concentrate powder containing only about 12% of water. In this way, it can recover the water content of the forest concentrate slurry and meet the supply demand of the phosphorus concentrate raw materials of the projects such as Fufuda, Zijin Gansu Jinchang, etc., and also recycle the wastewater of the phosphogypsum slag yard to alleviate the inventory of the slag yard and environmental protection pressure.

            “With the completion of the expansion project of Yanfu, the demand for phosphorus concentrate powder raw materials is very urgent. The fertilizer plant engineering and technical personnel actively carry out research and development experiments according to the decision-making plan of the medium and low grade phosphate ore comprehensive utilization project of Qifu, seeking an ideal technical approach to Crack the 'phosphorus concentrate powder curse' of the low-cost raw materials for these external projects.” Yang Yi, the director of the fertilizer plant who is on the scene to test the test, said, “Although the results achieved this time are still in the whole continuity and industrialization process. In the initial stage, this is a very crucial step, which will help the company to get rid of the 'phosphorus concentrate powder curse' and create more profit for the group company."

            According to reports, the next step is to transform this new technology and new equipment into real productivity as soon as possible. At the same time, 9 sets of new equipment were added with an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons to reach 3 million tons of phosphate concentrate powder required for the external expansion project.

                                                                          (Wu Guangbing)

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