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      Telephone number0510-87189500

      Jiangsu Province Yixing Nonmetallic Chemical Machinery Factory Co.,Ltd

      contact:Miss zhang 15961553272

      contact:Mr Jin 13861501908




      Address:Dingshu Town, Yixing, Jiangsu

      Mr. Feng Jiadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was awarded the “Outstanding Communist Party Member of Yixing City”

        Recently, Chairman Feng Jiadi was awarded the “2014-2016 Excellent Communist Party Member” by the Yixing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. In addition, our company was awarded the “2016 Advanced Party Organization of Dingshu Town” by the Dingshu Town Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. Ding Hongwei, Zhu Xueyan, Xie Bo, Wu Junliang, Jiang Zhiting, Gu Wuyi and Jin Tao were awarded “Dingyu Town 2016 Excellent” Communist Party members."

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