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      High Temperature Ceramic Membrane Gas-solid Separation Device

      High-temperature ceramic membrane gas-solid separation device is a high-performance hot gas dust removal device which integrates filtration, cleaning regeneration and automatic control, by using high-performance asymmetric ceramic membrane tube as filter medium. The device is mainly composed of high-performance asymmetric ceramic membrane filter element, filter cylinder (box), online pulse recoiling system, cleaning system and automatic control system. Its core technology is an asymmetric ceramic membrane filter element with excellent comprehensive performance such as high temperature resistance, low pressure difference and high strength. 

      The ceramic filter device has two types of structures: the box type and the cylindrical type. The box structure is suitable for high air volume, high temperature and low pressure hot gas filtration, while the cylindrical structure is suitable for high temperature and high pressure hot gas filtration. 

      Working Principles of High Temperature Filtration Systems

      Positive pressure external filtration method: dust is collected on the outside of the filter element, and the surface filter mechanism is used to filter the filter cake.

      Backflushing method: On-line pulse backflushing, the back control action is controlled by a pulse controller, and the control device can be wired to the central control room.


      Applications of High-temperature Filtration Technology

      It can be widely used in coal gasification process, coal-to-liquid, electric boiler dust treatment, catalytic fluidized bed process, dry dust removal in the production of polypropylene, polyethylene, metallurgical melting furnace, waste incinerator, power plant boiler, calcium carbide gas furnace, high-temperature flue gas purification and dust removal. 

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