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      High Performance Microporous Ceramic Fiber Composite Membrane Filter Tube

      High Performance Microporous Ceramic Fiber Composite Membrane Filter Tube


      The high performance microporous ceramic fiber composite membrane filter element is specially developed for the characteristics and requirements of the development of high temperature flue gas filtration and purification technology in various industries in China.

      The filter element has excellent comprehensive performance, including the advanced structural design, the scientific distribution ratio and the reasonable preparation process.

      It can be widely used in coal-to-liquids, metallurgical melting furnaces, waste incinerators, power plant boilers, calcium carbide gas stoves, hot gas furnaces and other high-temperature flue gas purification and dust removal.


      Operating temperature: >350°C

      Filtration accuracy: 0.3μm


      Features: It has the characteristics of high filtration precision, low filtration resistance and easy backwashing. Its technical parameters are in an advanced position in China and have reached or exceeded the international advanced level.


      Initial pressure drop curve of ceramic fiber membrane filter tube 

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