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      High Temperature Asymmetric Ceramic Membrane Filter Tube

      The high temperature asymmetric ceramic membrane filter tube, which is a national 863 project, is a filter element in a high temperature filtration gas-solid separation device. It is uniformly coated with a N-layer fine filter film on the porous silicon carbide support surface, while the support layer, the transition layer and the film layer are asymmetrically distributed. The film layer, which is sintered at a high temperature, has two categories, fiber membranes and particle membranes.


      Operating temperature: >350 ° C

      Filtration accuracy: 0.3μm



      The product adopts advanced production technology and molding method, and achieves high filtration precision under high temperature and high pressure. It also has the advantages of small filtering assistance, easy backwash cleaning and regeneration.

      This product has been successfully applied to the Shell Coal Gasification Production Plant introduced by Liuzhou Chemical Co., Ltd., and has been operated continuously and stably.

      Its technical performances such as filtration accuracy and filtration gas flow have reached the company's production process requirements, filling the domestic gap. 

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